Construction Activities

Boiken Developments is one of Albanias oldest construction companies when it comes to building and civil engineering. Our ambition is to create, lead and manage profitable construction contracts in a sustainable way together with you as a customer.
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Close Collaboration

When you hire Boiken, you get part of the competence and experience that we have accumulated over the years. We want to work together with you as a customer and believe in a close and unpretentious collaboration. By working with flexible business models, we always find the solution that is best adapted to the project.

Our ambition is to get into the project as early as possible. This means that we can come up with smart solutions for construction processes, materials and technology. A solution that is better for the environment can also mean a lower total cost.

Know How

We have more than twenty years of experience. During this time, we’ve become expert in construction processes that guarantee high quality buildings. We work closely with all major suppliers to ensure we remain competitive with our rates.